For some, the journey begins, for others it continues.

For some of you, the journey is just beginning. For some it’s underway, but perhaps a course correction would be prudent. is available to research and provide insights into the best ways to make that business journey a resounding success.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

post can help you decide whether a business idea will work or not in the marketplace. We can help determine if your new product or service idea will work. We can answer the question: “Are our customers satisfied?” We get the latest intelligence on what consumers are looking for in a particular segment. If you are a food or beverage company, an app developer, or have a fantastic new business idea, our job is to help you get the answers you need to proceed or not.

4 Main Disciplines

Market and Consumer Research –

We take a modern hands-on approach to Market and Consumer Research. We provide clients with winning strategies and tactics to grow their share of the market in brand building and product success.


  • new business launch
  • new product development
  • demand forecasts
  • usage and attitudes
  • price analysis
  • corporate image / reputation

Our team uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods to provide clients with the most accurate and insightful market intelligence.

Typical Methods:

  • mystery shopping the competition
  • business surveys
  • executive interviews
  • customer attitude and experience sampling
  • focus groups
  • online polling

Retail and Branch Research –

  • mystery shopping your own company / branches, etc
  • customer experience evaluations
  • customer satisfaction surveys

Consulting Services –

This is a design your own service. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll come up with a detailed plan to arrive at the information you’re looking for.

Product and Brand Development Strategies –

Today’s marketplace has become a cluttered and confusing landscape of products, labels, and concepts. Let us help you gain an understanding of the competition’s products and where your product fits in. We’ll provide a clear vision of how your product should perform, how it should look, and how much it should cost. The aim is to be competitive and establish or maintain product leadership.

Ask us how we can help you gain the insights and solutions to journey beyond your expectations! contact us here

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